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Faith and BBQ...BBQ and Faith

I wish a photograph could capture smell. Walking into Clampit's Country Kitchen and Meat Market is so ridiculously delicious. The air is thick with flavor. So, when I visit, instead of ordering right away, I tend to wander around smelling and smiling.

Clampit's is up Highway 7 North, a few miles past the Hot Springs Village Gate. It started out as a meat market with a tiny restaurant. Now it's grown into an incredible meat smorgasbord with everything from enormous fresh cut pork

chops and steaks to brisket, stuffed chicken breasts amazing brats and sausages. And the restaurant that originally seated 16 can now seat 100. And all this growth has taken place in just three years.

Joey and Lynn Clampit built this business because God told them to. Literally. Joey was driving home one day and God told him not to turn right, but to keep driving straight. So he did. Then God told him to turn into the parking lot of an abandoned and condemned building. So he did. They were so sure of God's plan they

cashed out everything from their 401K to their home. And God's plan worked. They've been busy and successful from day one.

Clampit's has won all kinds of awards and prizes, they are piled

up on Joey's desk, under invoices and t-shirts. Readers choice, people choice and this year the Arkansas Times named Clampit's "Best Butcher" in the state. But there's no "glory wall" for this man.

The a retail shop full of all kinds of Arkansas products from Amish jellies to seasoning and hot sauces. They even carry my Be Nice! Arkansas t-shirts!

Of course their food is amazing, their portions enormous, but that's not enough for Joey and Lynn. They are always looking for ways to give back. When local schools need help raising money...Clampit's helps. And after Joey's battle with cancer, they are constantly raising money for UAMS Cancer Research. Try the catfish on Fridays and all the proceeds go to UAMS.

Treat yourself, drive on up Highway 7 North until God tells you to turn right, into the parking lot of Clampit's Country Kitchen and Meat Market. But before you do anything else at Clampit's take a moment and really enjoy the smell.

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