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It's All Gone But Jesus

Here's a story you might not know, unless you attended St. Luke's Episcopal Church or day school on Spring Street. Any kid who went to St. Luke's knows all about this. When we were trying to skip out on the church service we'd wander around down stares and look at the old pictures framed in the hallway.

St. Luke's in Hot Springs was first established in 1866. But in 1924 a massive tornado came through downtown and flattened the church. Every wall was gone. There was nothing left but broken boards and soggy hymnals. The only thing that escaped the destruction, unharmed was the beautiful and ornate reredos and the lovely painting of Christ, standing, shining with His arms outstretched.

There was a story in the Sentinel Record quoting a little boy who looked at the wreckage. He said, "It is all gone but Jesus". The handsome Gothic Revival building you see on Spring Street now with its' bright red doors was built around the painting of Christ.

When I was a little girl, sitting next to my mom, I believed the painting changed. If God was happy with me it seemed to be brighter and Jesus looked friendlier. If God wasn't happy, I was sure the painting was darker and Jesus looked as though he was scowling down at me.

St. Luke's is a really lovely old church. If you have time join us on a Sunday morning and let me know how Jesus looks to you!

If you liked this post I hope you'll read some others and let me know what you think!

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