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Juice Running Down Your Arms at the Track Kitchen!

When you go to the Oaklawn Track Kitchen you feel like a cool kid, an insider. For years, the Track Kitchen wasn't really open to the public. It was for jockeys, trainers, owners, insiders. but now it's open year round and man what a burger!

You still see all kinds of folks, from all walks of life, at the Track Kitchen. Yesterday, there was a table full of dudes in overalls right next to a bunch of fellows in Hawaiian shirt/kaki short/ and expensive flip flops. Of course people watching is most excellent during race meet cause you get to see people and beautiful horses.

Here's the thing that confuses me about The Track Kitchen. How can they serve a massive, big foot of a double decker hamburger with onion rings for $7? It's juicy, a little greasy, full of flavor, messy and impossible to eat in a lady like fashion. Never ever order this mammoth burger on a first date. Seven dollars for a sandwich you can barely hold in two hands. Alex and I each had a tea, split a burger and it

was less than ten dollars. TEN DOLLARS! And we left in a happy, stuffed stupor.

The Chef in charge checks on the tables and the staff are all a freaking delights. They also serve breakfast all day long, and it looks outstanding and again.....really cheap!

There's only one Oaklawn Track Kitchen and I love it.

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