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My Gross Vulture Friend

Today I stopped by to visit my vulture friend, Adonis. He lives in the woods roughly 100 yards off of Central Avenue.

A while back Alex and I watched a movie about Adonis called Broken Wings at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. Adonis only has one wing so he can’t fly. The movie was about a brave and wonderous Hot Springs waitress who loves Adonis. She takes him food and he does his “happy dance.” She is “his human” and it’s beautiful. Adonis obviously loves her; this big black broken bird has feelings.

Vultures are so unappreciated and misunderstood. God or evolution created the perfect Garbage Man to clean up icky stuff we don’t want to deal with. Did you know they are bald because having feathers would be disgusting after they stuck their heads in hundreds of carcasses?

So, I visit Adonis because I feel sorry for him. Vultures are social creatures. They soar together on thermal currents, then feast as a family on dead stuff. Adonis can’t do any of that. Though one day I did pull up and he had a vulture friend hanging out with him.

Today, I threw Adonis a couple pieces of meat. He ran to them then pecked at the meat and gobbled it down. He’s learned to trust humans because of “his human” who had the nerve and heart to love a vulture, a gross, disgusting beautiful vulture.

Thank you to Hot Springs, Arkansas, a tiny and strange city willing to host The Hot Springs Documentary F

ilm Festival, where we got to watch a movie about a waitress and a vulture, love and humanity. Watch the trailer. It’s sweet.

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