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Ouachita Bar and Grill....Just What We Needed

Updated: Jan 28

Isn't it grand when a new restaurant opens and it immediately feels like an old restaurant, one that's been part of Hot Springs for years?

The Ouachita Bar and Grill is just so easy and comfortable, rolling in for a drink or bite seems like the natural thing to do. Michael Dampier and Corey Coleman, who we've all known for eons make the rounds, talking about their food, unique recipes and the city. It's easy to imagine how cool things will be in a few months when the weather is lovely. There will be plenty of outside dining and live music.

The smell of perfectly smoked meat drifts past as you find a table. The room is full of friends, people you know and tourists. Because the tables are so close together and the food is so good, you end up chatting with everyone at the surrounding tables.

Ok, let's talk about the food. Man it's good. I'm not a pork rind person but the Ouachita Bar and Grill pork rinds are something wonderful and served with an unimaginably gooey and delicious cheesy beer dipping sauce.

The hamburgers and pulled pork sandwiches are perfect, smokey and tender. The smoked chicken is perhaps the moistest (is that even a word?) juiciest chicken I've ever tried. And everyone I talked to about the brisket mac and cheese were wildly enthusiastic as they shoveled in one more bite even though they claimed to be stuffed..

Parking is easy, on Central or behind the restaurant and that's a novelty for a downtown joint. The cocktails are well poured, I'm a Bloody Mary snob but the OBG make their own mix and it was excellent. Alex had a good scotch and water and Alexis ordered a blond beer.

If your tired of leaving restaurants saying, "yeah, that was ok, it was fine." Visit Ouachita Bar and Grill. I thought the last thing Hot Springs needed was another restaurant but we desperately needed OBG

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