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Park Avenue to Pupusas

The wonderous thing about Hot Springs, I think, is the beautiful see-saw of small town sweetness and some sophisticated diversity. Lost a ton of quirky. Gallery Walk and the Demolition Derby in the same weekend...not a problem.

Last night Alex and I attended the opening night of the Documentary Film Festival. Relentless Ride was an outstanding film about crazy people who enter a 1000 mile bike race (bicycle) in North West Arkansas. We saw lots of folks we didn't know. But local author, Bitty Martin, called me "kiddo", though I'm in my 60s. I love that! We talked to family friends like Jim and Barbara Larkin from Foxpass Pottery and Sally Adams, who probably still wants to call me by my childhood nickname, "Pooh". Alex visited with an old Chef friend, David Graves. Then at the end of the movie the sold out crowd erupted with joy and appreciation for the athletes on screen and the filmmaker. It was joyful.

I thought about Lorraine Benini, the original founder of the Documentary Film Fest 32 years ago. She should be so proud.

This morning I had to go to town and on the way home bought some delicious cheese and pork Pupusas from three lovely Salvadorian ladies with a big flat top grill on Central


Then I decided Alex might want a more traditional lunch, so I stopped at Bailey's, a historic drive in, on Park Avenue. My old friend, Lien, has known the family since the 90s. He always remembers how much Jack and Mary loved Power Ranger Popsicles thirty years ago.

I arrived at home and Alex looked down at our lunch. Salvadorian Pupusas with slaw, a bacon cheese burger and egg rolls. Amazing!

We are only half way through this gorgeous Fall Saturday.. Who knows what we will discover on Sunday! What a weird and brilliant little city we live in! Get out there and drink it in!

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