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Secret Brewery in the Woods

Out in the woods, probably 12 miles from downtown, there is a funky, quirky brewery in the

woods. It's absolutely perfect if your looking for an off the beaten path adventure.

Stud Duck brews up all kinds of great beer. You can sit back in an Adirondack chair in the shade of the forest and relax. You'll get to talk to Brad and Shasta and that's a blast. He's a science guy and loves to talk about beer brewing. There's even a dog run if you want to take your fur baby on an adventure with you.

It's funky for sure but that's what makes it so freaking charming. Brad has done a great job of converting a shipping container into a comfortable brewery/eatery. While you're sipping your beer try some of the outstanding snacks direct from Clampit's Smoke House up by Jessieville. Maybe try the jalapeno cheddar brats or Stud duck Beer Brats.

You've gotta really want to go to Stud Suck to get there. But it's actually easy. Head out Highway 5/Park Avenue then take a right on Highway 128. In three miles or so you'll see a Stud Duck sign on the left. It's a dirt road and you'll need to follow the yellow arrows nailed to trees.

Here's the seven degrees connection. We figured out Brad's mom, Ann, used to be one of my favorite camp counselors at Brookhill Ranch back in the 60's. Tiny little world we live in.

Stud Duck Brewery, another reason to love Hot Springs.

I hope you'll read other posts in Hot Springs Love and let me know what you think.

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