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Tax Dollars Beautifully Spent...North Woods Trails, Perfect for Locals and Tourists!

Apparently, I'm late to the party. This morning Alex and I took Aries (aka Fluffy Butt) up to the

North Woods Trail. It's an exceptionally gorgeous park for walking and biking, brought to you courtesy of the City of Hot Springs.

There are miles and miles and miles of trails, easy and short to daunting and terrifying. the scenery is

magnificent, the trails very well marked. And now, thanks to Oz Art (funded by the Walton Foundation I think) there is wonderful art work! Oz Art is dedicated to bringing museum quality, fine art to surprising public places.

The chunky and ugly little pump station in the park has become a replica of a painting by French artist Camille Walala. Bright, abstract and popping like a firecracker, it sits in the middle of so much natural beauty. What great contrast!

This morning muralists were finishing up the painting project while so many mountain bikers

zipped around on expensive bikes.

The only thing I'd change? I wish they would stock the pond and let folks fish. I'd sit there all day long in a folding chair not catching a thing.

Hot Springs has yet another jewel in her tiara. Good Job!

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