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Tiny Town is the Andy Griffith of Attractions

This week I was walking around Whittington Avenue, I parked in front of Tiny Town and realized the OPEN sign was all lit up! I hadn't been in Tiny Town in at least 50 years, hell yeah I had to take a tour and admission was only seven dollars!

The owner, Charlie, seemed surprised and delighted to see a customer and immediately launched into his adorable spiel. His father and grand father Frank and Louise Moshinskie, started carving little people and settings 85 years ago, it became too much for their house. So fifty six years ago they opened Tiny Town!

Charlie proudly shows me that some of the bushes are simply sweet gum balls glued to bottle caps. The grass is painted saw dust. His father and grandfather were artistic hoarders who turned all kinds of rubbish into neighbors and cities!

As you walk around there are buttons to push, bears dance around, Mr. T and Dolly Parton stroll past. There's even a scene with Sonny and Cher hanging out with The Fonz in his leather jacket! And of course trains move round and round as airplanes fly past. It's astonishing, simple and good.!

Attractions like Tiny Town and Charlie Moshinskie are what make Hot Springs so remarkable. The eccentric, quirky and unique Mom and Pop places haven't all

been squashed by high-tech corporate America.

This week take a walk around Whittington Park, get some fresh air and if Tiny town is have to stop in. You'll feel better about the crazy world we're living in right now. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all take a break and live in Tiny Town for a few days?

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