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All The Ribs

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

There's a lot of brilliant bbq in Hot Springs. Seriously, we are blessed with a prodigious amount of smoked meat. But there's one place with ribs, big, fat, messy, meaty ribs that drives me crazy. Mickey's CMB BBQ on Park Avenue and Gulpha Gorge.

When I pick up our order, I have to put it in the trunk of my car or I'll end up gnawing on a rib on the way home. And that's generally a mistake.

For more than 28 years they have been super slow cooking with straight hickory and the smell is divine. And how great is it that a woman is the boss man in charge of the pit? Make sure you ask for Jamie so she can tell you the history of Mickey's.

Aside from the exquisite ribs, there's one more thing I love about Mickey's...the location. It looks just exactly like a respectable old school BBQ joint should look. And it's backed right up to Hot Springs National Park! It's funky, it's quaint, it's perfect.

There are other BBQ places we visit, I'm a big fan of Stubby's too and I'll write about that some time. But when I need a bone to chew on... it's Mickey's.

PS If you liked this post I hope you'll check out the others at Hot Springs Love. More cool stuff in Hot Springs that I love.

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