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Drive Up Perfection

Bailey's Dairy Treat on Park Avenue, is iconic and a perfect throwback to a time before fast food.

Here's a fun fact, Bailey's is on the National Register for Historic Places because it is a perfect example of an Art Moderne structure, with sleek rounded lines, neon lighting, and a stucco finish.

There's no telling who you'll you see at Bailey's, construction workers, bankers, tourists and lots of times I see fire trucks parked in front and hungry firemen lined up to order.

There are two things that make Bailey's so wonderful. First, the food, juicy, beefy burgers, fantastic egg rolls and the best milk shakes on the planet with fresh fruit and real ice-cream.

And the owners Lien and Lienn, the owners, are such beautiful people and so happy to see everyone all the time! They remember names and families, they remember that my oldest kids, who are now 30 and 31, used to order Power Ranger

pop cycles.

When you are ordering look to the left and you see their giant gold Buddha, always laughing. Of course he is, he's at Bailey's dairy Treat.

If you enjoyed this I hope you'll read some of other posts about stuff I love in

Hot Springs, AR.

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