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Beautiful and Quirky Love On Park Avenue

When the Corona virus broke out the search for masks was instantly on. I don't own a sewing machine, though I did sew a button on a shirt three months ago.

This is where Hannah and David Mills ride in on a big white horse, together, of course, on the same horse, cause that's just how they ride. They are the ultimate team and own Hot Springy Dingy on Park Avenue.

If you've never been in it's an awesome quirky shop with everything from magic tricks and David's magical pottery to jewelry. But fully half of the store is dedicated to Hannah's costumes. You want to dress up like a pirate, a princess, a frog or a zombie, Hannah's got you covered. You see, she's the seamstress who's helped dress Hot Springs for something like 40 years!

Of course when the pandemic began, Hannah immediately started making masks, funky fun masks!

And she was only charging two dollars each.

When I talked to her on the phone I said, "Hannah, that's too cheap! Other people are charging 6 to12 bucks."

She said, "I just want to help flatten the curve."

I said, "Can't you make a tiny little profit and flatten the curve?"

"No that's what I'm charging for now. I think I already have over 1,000 ordered."

I was thinking a one dollar mark up would be so reasonable. But I'm in sales, so that's how my mind works. Hannah just wants to help.

So, today's love story is about Hannah and David Mills at the Hot Springy Dingy, loving each other and loving Hot Springs for a really long time.

Update! Hannah has so many orders she's asking for volunteers to help cut material at home. It's up to you Hot Springs!

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