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Social Distance Doesn't Have To Suck!! $10 Bike Rides

Life during a pandemic is hard and can get really boring. I want to "social distance" but my whole family is going stir crazy. We all like each other but yeesh.

So, yesterday I rallied the troops, my husband Alex, our 17 year old son Sandor, and his friend Joe, who is staying with us right now.

We went down to the Hot Springs Bicycle Touring Company on Broadway, across from the Farmer's Market. They rent bikes for just ten bucks an hour! And they have every kind of bike.

I rode a lovely ole gal named Elizabeth, from the 60's. She had three gears and even old school coaster brake. All I had to do was peddle backwards to stop. I felt a little like Mary Poppins.

They have fancy bikes too, if that's what your into, there's even an e-bike. If you get tired of

peddling just push a button and you keep on going, little pink bikes and cool boy bikes.

My husband, Alex, hadn't been on a bike in 25 years but no worries, there are lots of flat places to ride without any traffic. The Greenway trail is really pretty wonderful and you get to ride past the Hot Springs Creek, lots of sculptors and the skate park. Thankfully there are plenty of benches and big rocks on the way if you need to take a break.

An hour was enough. An hour was perfect. While we were peddling along I didn't think about the Corona Virus once. And that was absolutely priceless.

If you like this one I hope you'll check out and share my other posts. More stuff I love in Hot Springs.

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