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Waitresses Still Call Me "Sweetie" at Rocky's Corner

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

I love Rocky's; heck everyone in my family loves Rocky's Corner. Their pizza is nearly perfect, Chicago style of course. Their chicken wings are freakishly large and tasty, the Italian beef sandwich should be on the Arkansas Walk of Fame, the French onion soup fixes bad days and the super secret house salad dressing is delicious. It should be served in a shot glasses.

But the food isn't what I love most about Rocky's. I adore the fact Rocky's hasn't changed much since I worked there almost thirty years ago. It's not a hipster craft beer hang out (some of my favorite people in the world are hipsters). It's Rocky's, with grumpy old dudes at the bar making fun of Gena. It's Rocky's with a crazy sports mural and if you'r three year old wants a bowl of noodles and butter to eat with their hands...that's just fine.

Rocky's isn't politically correct, it's not terribly cool or trendy. It's just perfect.

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